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Contests: Examples

Explore our past campaigns to see how Contest promotions have boosted our client’s objectives: 

LG and Netflix B&Binge Essay Contest Promotion 

Realtime Media teamed up with LG and Netflix to spread excitement around LG’s new OLED E8 TV and Netflix’s season premieres of Arrested Development, The Crown, and The Hill.   

To promote these new seasons, LG looked to the most dedicated watchers to write a 500-word essay expressing why they are the biggest fan of their chosen show. Judges then selected a winner for each show to win the grand prize of traveling to an iconic location to binge watch the new season on a OLED E8 TV. 

This campaign worked to drive new product discovery and purchase, promote the new Netflix series, and increase consumer engagement with the LG brand.  

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Fossil Q’s Smart Watch Design Contest 

To increase excitement for the upcoming Q Smart Watch Release, Fossil launched a multi-phase, UGC contest. Consumers submitted their own user-created smart watch digital face designs and were able to vote on their favorite. 

The contest used multi-phase voting and entry, prompting consumers to come back and vote through multiple rounds. This resulted in over 1,900 gallery votes and 45% of contest registration through shared links. Fossil Q was able to increase their consumer-brand interaction while involving consumers in the promotion of a new and exciting product. 

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Contests: Benefits