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Consumer Rewards Technology

Consumer Rewards campaigns revolve around the purchase. It’s important to make sure that your campaign is backed by the technology to make sure those purchases count. 

There are several ways that your brand can make sure that each shopper purchase is verified and eligible for promotional entry. Both of our consumer rewards promotions are backed by industry leading technology including: 

Dependable Code Generation

At the core of in-pack promotions are unique registration codes. Our code back-end technology is capable of reading and verifying thousands of unique registration codes. 

SMS & MMS Technology 

Go above and beyond traditional SMS campaigns with MMS enabled text-to-enter. Our text-to-enter engine accepts both SMS and MMS (multi-media) messages allowing for even more mobile engagement. No apps or third-party programs required. 

Powerful Receipt Validation Engine 

Allow your customer to shop at whatever store they choose and still have the ability to verify their purchases. Our industry leading receipt validation network can recognize receipts and purchases across multiple stores. 

Secure Data Transfers, Every Time 

Your consumer’s data is always transmitted at 256-bit SSL encryption and encrypted at rest. Paired with our top-of-the-line bot protection, your contest will be protected from fraud and data breach.

Consumer Rewards: How do they work?