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Consumer Rewards Examples

Explore our past campaigns to see how consumer rewards have boosted our client’s objectives: 

Receipt Validation: 

Realtime Media has helped dozens of brands implement receipt validation promotions. Notably, we worked with Garnier on their Earth Day Campaign, where customers were encouraged to upload an image of their receipt for the chance to earn a coupon applicable towards their net purchase. This campaign resulted in over 2,500 receipts scanned from 29 unique retailers. 

Learn more about Garnier’s Earth Day Campaign. 

In Pack Promotions: 

Realtime Media worked with Cheerios and Walmart to bring an In-Pack Promotion campaign to life. Cheerios was able to promote their consumer brand relationship through a share with a friend campaign 

Once purchased, consumers could use their coupon codes to not only get a free box of cheerios, but also “Give the Gift of Cheerios” and send a digital coupon to a friend or family member to redeem a box of their own. This campaign saw a 95% code redemption rate, where 95% of the codes sent to winners were accepted and used. 

This campaign pushed for mobile usage, leading to 40% of unique code registration through mobileIt’s important to reach customers where they’re at in-store with a promotion that is easy enough to do from a phone. 

Learn more about Walmart & General Mill’s Give The Gift of Cheerios Campaign. 

Consumer Rewards Benefits