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Consumer Rewards Benefits

Create lifelong consumers from your initial promotion by using it to kick off a consumer-brand relationship. Your consumer rewards campaign is a way to introduce shoppers to your product and show you’re invested in their product experience. 

Launching a Consumer Rewards campaign is a great way to engage consumers in-store and after purchase. They give your brand the chance to incentivize re-purchase and spark consumer interaction all from the shelf.  

In recent years, consumer rewards campaigns have transitioned from a predominantly in-aisle application to a digital landscape. By providing your consumers an easy means of entry, consumer rewards promotions act as a great way to engage consumer both in-store and online. 

There are several different applications of digital shopper marketing, such as:

Lead Generation 

Consumer Rewards campaigns generate high levels of engagement. Use heightened engagement to convert shoppers into consumers by collecting basic lead data upon promotion registration. 

Influence Purchase Decisions 

By including an expansive prizing, shoppers are incentivized to participate in your promotion. If a consumer feels like their chance of winning is accessible, then their purchase decision is likely swayed on their ability to win. 

Spark Digital Interaction 

Initiate digital interaction by funneling in-store traffic online. Surround your digital promotion with engaging content that converts physical consumers into digital followers. 

Promote Consumer-Brand Relationships 

Expanding your brand footprint outside of the aisle creates more touchpoints for consumer engagement. 

Consumer Rewards Technology