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Standard Legal Services: Overview

Official Rules (Full and Abbreviated)

Any promotion that contains prizes, chances, and considerations (such as purchase-to-win, or time requirements) is constituted as an “Illegal Lottery” in the United States.

To run a compliant sweepstakes or contest, you must adhere to rules and regulations set forth to protect both your business and the consumer. Official Rules outline the promotion parameters and becomes your contract between your brand and the public to ensure quality, fairness, and proper disclosure or requirements and prizes.

We highly suggest speaking with our expert team to ensure compliance with local, state, and federal law, in addition with our standard services of providing you with both a full and abbreviated set of official rules.

Legal Review of Promotional Materials

Prizes are the most exciting part of a promotion, however there are considerations that must be taken when building out a prize strategy or preparing for fulfillment. Prize winners who are subject to U.S. taxes are often required to receive a 1099 form within the start of the following year, as well as a winner affidavit.

Our professional team can guide your prize strategy and ensure full legal compliance both nationally and internationally, in addition to preparing and fulfilling the proper forms and documents required.

Insurance and Indemnification

Realtime Media’s services are covered by a $1,000,000 Errors & Omissions Indemnification Policy. This warranties our services and deliverables including legal consulting and official rules and mitigating liability of the promotion from the client or brand.

Social Platform Compliance Consulting

Each social media channel has unifying rules or terms of use when executing a prize promotion, in addition to parameters that differ between each platform.

Our standard legal services take these measures into account to keep your promotion within the proper parameters of each social networking platform. We execute drafting of rules, in addition to consulting your ads and printed material being used for the promotion.

In addition, our PromoPick solution can provide a landing page to house your promotion outside of social media for actions that can’t incentivized due to Terms of Use.

Additional Services (Optional or As-Required for Compliance)

Alternate (Free) Means of Entry (AMOE) and ‘Mail-To’ Addresses

Alternate Means of Entry are required for any contest or sweepstakes that requires purchase for entry by law. AMOE allows participants to submit an entry when the primary method requires something they may not be willing to fulfill.

AMOE methods can include mail-to entry, email entry, web entry, and more – We can handle the details of these entries from both a logistics and compliance with consideration laws.

State Bonding and Registration

State-by-state regulations may require promotional games to be registered and bonded. For example, some states may require registration and bonding if the value of prizes exceeds a certain value.

Our expert legal team handles the necessary precautions and paperwork required to ensure your promotion is compliant within every state.

Winner Drawing and Verification

Our team can conduct winner drawings for your sweepstakes or contest, in addition to notifying and verifying the winners. We take several measures to ensure proper verification, including anti-fraud measures and confirm that they have agreed to the terms of your official rules and prize acceptance.

In addition to winner drawing and verification, we also offer prize fulfillment services. Our fulfillment team handles the logistics of distributing your prizes and reduces the effort needed to conclude your promotional campaign.

Standard Legal Services: Overview