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Why Run a Sweepstakes? Explore the Benefits

Running a sweepstakes can be a proactive way to draw or reactivate new and existing customers. It provides an opportunity to fortify your consumer data to develop actionable insights and draw leads.

Sweepstakes can also be paired with other gamification techniques and instant win games to maximize engagement and participation.

By giving your audience a way to invest themselves in your brand, running a sweepstakes can support a collection of marketing goals, such as:

  • Product Launches – Sweepstakes can drive new product launches and draw attention to new highlights for your brand. In addition, they’re a great means to direct traffic to a website or app.
  • Drive Purchases – Incentives can generate a sales lift. With the right prize strategy, structuring your sweepstakes as a purchase-to-win style with alternative means to entry can drive purchases or foot traffic to your brand’s storefront.
  • Repeat by Re-engaging – Been awhile since you heard from some of your customers? Invite them back with a fun opportunity that drives them to revisit your brand.
  • Referrals – 74% of consumers claim word-of-mouth as a big influence over their purchase decisions. By granting bonuses such as additional entries, you can empower your customers to do marketing for you.
  • Ratings & Reviews – Online reputation is important, and reviews impact over 67% of purchase decisions. Build credibility by motivating your audience to share more about their experiences.
  • Collect Live Data for Actionable Results – Regardless of your marketing goals we provide 24/7, real-time analytics in our web dashboard. We’ll provide you with day over day metrics and daily reports. As the promotion comes to a close, we’ll provide a presentation from our business intelligence team that recaps campaign results with an insightful analysis.

Our services and solutions provide all the legal administration and management services you need. We offer the leading expertise in compliant, effective promotions.

Sweepstakes Services: What's Included

We have two main ways we can help you launch your sweepstakes. You can use our PromoPick Solution which provides you a turnkey layout that you or our creative can design for or we can work together to assemble a user flow and design that you dictate and we execute on that.

Our PromoPick solution can cater to multiple campaign types and marketing objectives. In as little as five days, our quick-to-launch, cost-effective solution can be prepared to engage your audience and deliver key information about your users.

This standard package includes backend sweepstakes management and administration from start to finish, including:

  • Sweepstakes strategy and promotional launch.
  • Sweepstakes administration and official rules templates.
  • Sweepstakes management: Winner drawing, prize fulfillment, and post-promotion outreach.

In three simple steps, we can provide you with a quote for your sweepstakes objectives:

Choose Your Promotion – Sweepstakes are a great solution for activating your audience, acquiring new leads, and more. We have additional PromoPick™ solutions for User Generated Content, Instant Win, and other strategies that align with your marketing goals.

Need help choosing a campaign type

Choose Your Layout – There are multiple templates that can be customized to your brand identity and capture leads and information seamlessly. Each template includes a welcoming landing page, an entry/registration form, and a “thank you” screen to confirm entry.

Check our Interactive Demo Layouts to see some design options and how users will navigate through your sweepstakes.

Structure Your Prize Pool – Incentives are the core of your sweepstakes! Select a prize strategy or contact our expert team to help you optimize your return.

Additionally, sometimes online promotions can attract attention you don’t want: spammers and bots. Our sweepstakes and contest technology are safeguarded to ensure protection and screening against fraudulent or spam entries using a multi-point user and device check to ensure it’s a real human accessing the promotion page or microsite to register.

Sweepstakes Business Integrations

Sweepstakes Business Integrations

Bring your newly-acquired users closer to your brand’s marketing.

Take advantage of the marketable data collected by a digital promotion. Through our technology, your newly-acquired data can be paired to popular third-party integrations such as Salesforce and MailChimp.

Registrants can be automatically added to Salesforce to build profiles and send relevant, triggered emails that will drive their next action with your brand.

With MailChimp, you can streamline your new leads into your current email marketing efforts, in addition to creating a special campaign catered to participants.

In some previous implementations, we’ve actually had clients report that prospects or leads entered (brand new) into the CRM via a sweepstakes registration have the highest repeat business and average sale values among all prospects in their CRM!

Sweepstakes Add-Ons

Sweepstakes Add-Ons

Leverage technology that creates new paths to your promotion and drives deep engagement.

Instant Win

Instant Win games encourage visitors to engage with the brand and reward them with a smaller prize. Adding a layer of Instant Win promotions to your sweepstakes is perfect for maximizing your return.

By layering Instant Win and Sweepstakes promotions, you can encourage actions such as repeat visits, social sharing and word-of-mouth referrals, and continuous participation and engagement.

Receipt Validation

With receipt validation, your sweepstakes can utilize purchase-to-win entry to your marketing campaign and drive sales.

In three steps, receipt validation can offer a convenient experience on any mobile touchpoint:

  1. Users snap a photo or screenshot of their purchase – our technology ensures accuracy when analyzing the snapshot.
  2. Upload / SMS Text – Users can text a keyword to an SMS system and be prompted to upload their snapshot. Once our system scans and validates their purchase, users are sent a registration link.
  3. Register – From here, consumer data is collected with our incentivized approach at driving purchase and participation, and building your database for future marketing efforts.

Photo Entry 

User Generated Content is being leveraged by many brands for curation, reach, insights, and affinity. Photo Entry add-ons stretch the engagement of your sweepstakes and deepen the personal investment your audience has in your brand.

With photo entries, you can explore many strategies including:

  • Encouraging return visitors to vote on their favorite images, and boost word-of-mouth by encouraging others to vote on their own submission.
  • Generating organic content for future marketing efforts.
  • Using submissions to validate purchases and completion of specific marketing objectives.

On-pack Validation

Drive sales when you run a sweepstakes where purchases are entries. Chance-to-win promotions gain an advantage when featured on and/or inside product packaging by layering an incentive to purchase in-store.

By featuring an in-the-moment display of your sweepstakes or contest, your promotion can be a key factor in shoppers choosing your product over competitors.

Sweepstakes Examples: Campaigns That Drive Results

Leverage sweepstakes promotions to incentivize any action
Digital Promotions such as sweepstakes have the flexibility and features to draw in actionable results. Many of our partners and clients have taken advantage of sweepstakes to support objectives such as brand awareness and engagement.

The data collected by sweepstakes allows you to make actions backed by insights. As customers register to participate, your team can take advantage of remarketing initiatives, customer segmentation, lead generation, and more.

In addition, sweepstakes are great at generating word-of-mouth. By offering incentives such as additional entries, your sweepstakes can turn your fans into your best marketers.

Explore our past campaigns to see how sweepstakes have boosted our client’s objectives:

New York & Company, Rock the Sweeps

Objectives – Promote newest product line, generate new followers and leads, increase foot traffic, boost seasonal brand engagement.

  • Database Growth – 60% opt-in rate for remarketing.
  • Engagement – Over 100,000 game plays.
  • Brand Awareness – 2x returning users per shared link.

Essie, Retro Revival

Objectives – Promote newest collection, engage and activate current customers, generate new followers.

  • Database Growth – Over 60,000 registrations.
  • Engagement – Over 280,000 game plays.
  • Awareness – 150,000+ visits to the website.

Gray Line, #FindAReasonToGo

Objectives – Increase social presence, generate new followers and fans, and reconnect with current customers.

  • Database Growth – Over 25,000 registrations.
  • Engaged Users – 16x Replays Per Person.
  • Awareness – Over 250,000 game plays.

Visit Florida, Sunshine Moments

Objectives – Promote the Visit Florida brand, attract tourism, increase social following.

  • Database Growth – 90% Retention Rate.
  • Engagement – 16x Repeat Plays Per Person.
  • Brand Awareness – 3:1 Return Rate from Social Sharing and Voting Hub.