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Instant Win Games: What is Gamification Marketing?

Instant win games, a form of gamification marketing refers to the incorporation of gaming elements into the user experience in order to influence customer behaviors. By including instant win games in digital promotions, brands can gain valuable consumer registration data and in return provide rewards to customers through gamification. 

Digital promotions that include gamification increase consumer engagement by triggering human emotionsGamification creates an enjoyable, exciting experience for the customer that incentivize consumer action.  

Instant Win Games are a great example of a short-term form of gamification marketing. These games are placed at key consumer touch-points and incentivize the desired behavior – whether it’s in-app participation, ratings and reviews, or making purchases. It is important that prizing and the chance of winning are kept close to the customer. A high chance of winning increases consumer participation and the desired behavior. 

Instant Win Games: Explore the Technology

With our PromoPickTM Solution, we have seven game options available: 

To see all of our Instant Win Games, check out our Demo Portal.  

With our PromoPickTM Platform, our ready-made games can be customized and included in your promotion in as little as five days. We help make sure you stay within budget through customizable prize seeding to help you control the number and frequency of which prizes are being awarded.  Prizes can be tiered to layer additional actions from your audience and offered daily or weekly to keep your users engaged.  

Unfortunately, digital promotions such as instant win games are subject to cheaters. By taking the right precautions to stop fraud, you can protect your customers, business, and campaign. Our API technology has been stress-tested and developed to deter fraud and spam from your promotion. 

Learn how Realtime Media can protect your promotion from fraud and bots. 

Instant Win Games: Prizing Recommendations

The key motivating factor that drives users to play instant win games are the prizes. When putting together your instant win promotion there are three key considerations to make: 

  1. Prize Quantity – Instant win game prizes don’t all have to be big grand prizes. When putting together your prize pool it is important to keep in mind the overall quantity of prizes available to win. By offering more, lowered valued prizes your brand can maximize your prizing budget and create more opportunities to win 
  1. Prize Seeding – Instant win game prizes are awarded at random based on wins and losses. In order to make sure that your promotion doesn’t run out of prizes on day one the prize pool is split evenly and “seeded” to make sure that an even number of prizes are available to be awarded each day of the promotion. 
  1. Fulfillment – Whether digital or physical prizes, create a fulfillment schedule that works for your brand and your consumers. For digital prizes automated fulfillment emails are always the way to go. Award prizes instantly after game plays. For physical prizes consider weekly fulfillment drops to get prizes out the door as quickly as possible.  

Realtime Media can help your brand build and execute our prize strategy. Our in-house fulfillment team can handle everything from prize procurement and storage services to prize kitting and shipping preparation.  

Instant Win Games: Benefits

Instant Win Games: Benefits

Running an Instant Win campaign is a great way to bring the customer back time and again while delivering a unique user experience. Instant Win Games can help boost repetitive actions and engagement with your brand. 

By placing an instant win promotion at a specific consumer touch points and offering prizing, brands can create an incentive for their desired behavior. Consumers will respond to the opportunity to win prizes through gameplay.  

By providing a new incentive to engage with the brand, using Instant Win Games in a digital promotion can support marketing goals such as: 

  • Repeat Purchases – Instantly rewarding users with smaller prizes keeps them coming back for more and continuously repeating the desired behavior. 
  • Consumer Loyalty  When users are rewarded with prizes and unique game play, this creates an emotional response of excitement and enjoyment that the user connects to your brand, driving consumer loyalty. 
  • In-app Participation – Using in-app instant win promotions is a great way to make your app stand out by creating a unique customer experience and driving in-app engagement. In-app gamification can create an interactive experience for the consumer. 
  • Ratings and Reviews – Online reputation is important, and reviews impact over 67% of purchase decisions. By using instant win promotions to reach consumers at any touch point, brands can use instant win rewards to incentivize leaving a rating or review. 
  • Collect Live Data for Actionable Results – We provide 24/7, real-time analytics in our web dashboard. We’ll provide you with day over day metrics and daily reports. As the promotion ends, we’ll provide a presentation from our business intelligence team that recaps campaign results with an insightful analysis. 
Instant Win Games: Examples

Instant Win Games: Examples

Explore our past campaigns to see how Instant Win Games have boosted our client’s objectives: 

In-App Instant Win Games: 

In a campaign for 18Birdies, a golf application for mobile, Realtime Media utilized instant win promotions to increase golfers engagement with the app. Players earned virtual currency by playing rounds of golf, using the app to track their stats, and rating golf courses. They were able to redeem ‘golf bucks’ for the chance to play instant win games, earn prizes, and be entered in a monthly sweepstakes.  

Users were rewarded for doing what they love, effectively increasing engagement with the app and creating an interactive experience for the consumer. The app received 1 million downloads, a 25% social share and referral rate of the app, and 10,000+ game plays each day.    

Learn more about 18Birdie’s In-App Instant Win Campaign 

 Instant Win Tumbler: 

Realtime Media worked with Essie to design and implement a PromoPick Instant Win and Sweepstakes that promoted the Retro Revival collection of nail polishAfter entering a sweepstakes to win 100 shades of Essie nail polish, each user played a tumbler instant win game for a chance to take home a collection of 6 Retro Revival nail polish colors. 

By adding an instant win game overlay to a sweepstakes, Essie was able to generate awareness and excitement for their re-launch of a retro collection of colors.  Instant win games encourage visitors to engage with the brand and reward them with a fun digital interaction. 

This instant win game engaged potential customers and helped Essie grow their database for remarketing through 60,000+ registrations. With over 280,000+ game plays, this campaign helped increase Essie’s brand awareness by generating over 150k site visits. 

Learn more about Essie’s Retro Revival Campaign.