The Reese's Brand Leveraged a Yearlong Campaign to Activate Sports Sponsorships


NCAA Basketball and
the March Madness Tournament

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2021 Summer
Olympic Games

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NFL Football Season
and Reese's Senior Bowl

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3 unique seasonal creative experiences and prizes, 1 site.

Try watching a major sporting event in 2021 without seeing Reese’s commercial – its nearly impossible. Very few consumer-packaged goods (CPG) brands take advantage of sports activations quite like Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

After nearly an entire year on the sidelines from major activations due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, we helped Reese’s get back in the game with a 3-Phase, 13-Month-long Purchase-to-Enter Instant Win Game site – Team Reese’s. RTM simply updated the creative for each of the 3 seasonal sports stories: NCAA March Madness, 2021 Summer Olympic Games and NFL Football Season.

13 months of sustained user engagement-driven purchases. Users brought their purchase codes online for a chance to win thousands of prizes.

Reese's Three Goals

  1. Leverage major sports activations across:

    NCAA Basketball & the March Madness Tournament 2021 Summer Olympic Games The NFL Season

  2. Build brand awareness across channels (in-store, online, TV and social)
  3. Drive product sales
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The Execution

Reese's partnered with Realtime Media to build a unique online experience that turned in-store purchases into a chance to win one of the thousands of prizes.

To best capitalize on the length of the engagement Reese's made sure that the entire consumer experience - from gameplay through prize fulfillment - carried the same level of excitement and excellence.

Microsite Development

Making the most of all three target sports activations, at its core, the Team Reese's promotion was a purchase-to-enter instant win game. After completing the standard registration fields, new and returning users could enter a unique code found on specially marked Reese’s Product to find out if they won their prize.

To create a specifically tailored experience for each of the three (3) major sports activations, we worked with Reese's to create a phased site that switched out the copy and creative for each activation.

Prize Fulfillment

Wanting to drive product sales across their consumers, Reese’s knew that not only were users going to want to win multiple items throughout each of the different activation phases.

To accomplish this Reese’s created a prize pool with over 35,000 prizes - everything from product vouchers/coupons, t-shirts, basketballs, and limited edition Reese’s football jerseys. Users could win up to nine (9) total prizes - thee (3) per phase of the promotion, maximizing their chance to win.

Lastly, with the understanding that users were going to want their prizes in hand as soon as possible, Reese’s worked with our fulfillment team to release a batch of prizes every 2-weeks.

To make sure that prize inventory was always accounted for, weekly redemption reports were sent around to all team members involved to make sure every prize was accounted for.

Campaign Results




52% of gameplays were played by repeat users Average of 2 gameplays per user



unique registrations

75% of registrations came through mobile devices



users per day

Sustained consumer awareness and participation across the entire length of the promotion