Essentia Water’s SMS-Entry Sweepstakes

Consumers were encouraged to visit a participating store and text a unique code located on a sign to enter the sweepstakes. Consumers could also visit the sweepstakes landing page to read the rules and discover the participating stores in their area.


Sweepstakes Entry

SMS Sweepstakes Entry

To allow for easy sweepstakes enrollment, Essentia printed unique entry codes on bottles of water. Those codes, once sent to a custom SMS-short code, allowed customers to unlock access to the sweepstakes right from their mobile device.

Custom Landing Page

A custom landing page was created as a way to engage customers after they entered the sweepstakes funnel. Providing customers with a chance to discover the location of participating stores, customers were also encouraged to visit Essentia on social and learn more.


Sweepstakes Entries


Landing Page Visits

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