CVS’ ExtraBucks Coupon E-Mail Delivery Program

Faced with the challenge of increasing coupon use and visibility, CVS looked to rollout an e-mail delivery system for saving and “clipping” digital coupons. Consumers could sign on to the CVS Savings Central and easily save and send themselves coupons for later use.

The Solution

E-Mail Coupon Deployment

In order to allow shoppers to save coupons for later use, CVS engaged Realtime Media’s e-mail deployment system for “clipped” coupons. Not only did this allow “save for later” action to be taken, but also grew CVS’ internal CRM.

Unique Redemption Code Generation

To insure that coupons could only be redeemed once, Realtime Media’s code generation engine produced a unique, single use code with a set expiration date and distinct value.


Coupons Clipped


Users Redeem Multiple Coupons