What Actually is Gamification?

Gamification is the process of incorporating game mechanics into an already existing application in order to increase engagement, participation, and loyalty in users.

Why Does Gamification Marketing Work?

Promotions with gamification services implemented operate on a value exchange system, where consumers are willing to provide registration data for the opportunity to win a prize.

Gamification magnifies customer engagement because it triggers human emotions. Excitement, fascination, and enjoyment are all emotions that an experience implementing gamification might evoke in a consumer. Triggering emotions and truly engaging the consumer leads to top-of-mind awareness, higher sales, increased retention rate, and better customer loyalty.

So, What Can Gamification Do For You?

Gamification helps improve your online presence as you interact, incentivize, and engage with users on a regular basis. At Realtime Media, using gamification with digital promotions makes it possible to not only increase the average time spent on your site/app, but it also gives users an experience to share with others over various social media channels. We’ve seen that campaigns with gamification drive 5-10x more repeat visits than campaigns without a gamification component. Plus, we handle every detail involved with promotions, so we can help you integrate gamification into your marketing, and handle prize fulfillment too, for the best brand experience.