A promotion can energize your brand by creating buzz and increasing user engagement. Teaming with the wrong promotions partner can cause more headaches than it’s worth. Choosing the best sweepstakes company can make every aspect of running a giveaway much simpler. It’s important to select the right team of promotion experts from the get-go. Here are three items to check off your list when choosing the best sweepstakes company.

1. Legal Services

Legal compliance is paramount when building a promotion. The best sweepstakes companies will help you navigate sweepstakes laws to ensure you have all your bases covered. Running a giveaway should be exciting, not concerning. Your promotions partner should handle all legal compliance to mitigate any headaches before the promotion rolls out and to prevent legal conflicts after the promotion is live.

2. Full Service or template options

Some sweepstakes might require custom development and others can be built from promotions templates, so the best sweepstakes company offers both options. This accommodates long lead times and tight deadlines. Your brand might plan a promotion long before it goes live. Sometimes hot projects emerge and quick deadlines sneak up. In any case, double check that your team of promotion experts can keep up with all your needs before you start a relationship with them.

3. Prize fulfillment

In many ways, awarding prizes to customers is the most rewarding aspect of any giveaway, but contacting the winners and distributing prizes can be challenging and time-consuming. Before teaming up with a sweepstakes company, make sure they can manage prize fulfillment. That’s one less detail your team needs to worry about.

The best sweepstakes company will have expertise in all these must-haves. Your brand might not require all these services for every giveaway, but you never know when you might need them. Legal compliance, however, will play a major role in most promotions. Only the best sweepstakes company makes creating the promotion simple while also giving you legal peace of mind. A sweepstakes can invigorate your brand, so keep the energy high and the stress low by selecting the right team of promotion experts that can do it all.

At Realtime Media, we work hard for your brand to create exciting promotion that engage your customers and make your life easier. We’ve been in this business for over 20 years, and we’re ready to power your next promotion with our cutting edge technology.