Marketing Campaign & Sweepstakes Analytics - Realtime Media



More Than Just Data—We Provide the Insights You Need

Entries and shares are great, but how are they moving the needle? Realtime Media provides actionable data on a daily basis with the key metrics that matter to you and a full end-of-campaign analysis to help those insights come to life. To integrate with your existing reporting and we can place your tracking and SEO tags within the promotion to tie these results into your overall marketing strategy.

Your Campaign, Your Data

We will help you optimize your promotion to ensure you are collecting all of the data that matters with our fully customizable registration form. We’ll help you sort through this data to understand demographic, behavioral and social trends among your target audience, and leverage learnings to enhance future campaigns.

RTM collects campaign and opt-in data in our secure backend database and can transfer this data to you daily, weekly or at the end of the campaign.

RTM Daily Reports

You’ll receive a dashboard via email each morning so that you can keep track of your campaign on a daily basis

Live Promotion Dashboard

Want to know more about your opt-ins? Click in to a detailed, up-to-the-minute dashboard from your daily report that is password protected to ensure data security

End of Promotion Report

Once your promotion ends, our SVP of Analytics will deliver an in-depth report detailing key learnings, campaign performance against standard benchmarks, audience profiles, and future program recommendations